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Welcome to my website.†

This site has been online for more than eight and a half years now. And yet it remains a work in progress. Slow progress at times, but progress nonetheless.†

So come in, look around, stay a while.

Get to know me through my bio. Hint: Books and literacy are big parts of who I am and what I do. Youíll also find links there to a few of my audio projects.

Read excerpts from my books, and see what reviewers have said about them.

Check out my programs for students and adults. I love to visit schools, libraries, and community groups.

Donít miss my links, which will lead you to a carefully selected group of fun and informative cyberplaces.

Peruse my rants and raves. Iím a big believer in civil discourse and respectful exchange of ideas. We all have opinions. Iíd love to know yours.

Contact me. Offer suggestions on how I can make this site more useful to you. Ask me questions about writing, publishing, or anything else. Let me know if you find broken links.

This is probably so obvious I donít even need to say it, but Ö everything on this site is under copyright. Before you copy or distribute any part of it, ask me for permission.

Again, welcome. Show yourself around. I want this to be a place where we can meet, communicate, and share the joys of books and reading.



Need some quick writing advice? Email me your questions, and Iíll try to answer them in future Writing Tips on this page. Any topic is fair game, from getting ideas to time management to using punctuation correctly.†


Find eight full yearsí worth of previous monthly tips in my Writing Tip Archive.



Or check out my advice to aspiring writers.

Eileen Heyes

Writing Tip for February: If you are writing historical fiction,† you can check your language and idiom usage with Googleís Ngram Viewer. Type in the phrase you want to investigate, and Ngram will search Googleís millions of digitized books and produce a frequency graph showing when and how often your phrase has appeared. Then scroll down to where it says ďSearch in Google BooksĒ to find the exact works and context.

You might have noticed that some inside pages of this site are out of date. Iíve been having tech difficulties updating anything beyond the home page. Iím working on a complete renovation of my site, but for the time being weíll just have to live with the lack of updates, and I apologize for that. I know itís annoying. It annoys me too. But Iím still here, and Iím glad youíre here, and thereís still plenty of good information in these pages. Thanks for your patience!